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What do you know about Tønsberg? It is a city in southern Norway with more than 52 thousand inhabitants. Tonsberg had significant religious and political influence. It is the oldest present Scandinavian cities. This place was known as whaling center.

Tonsberg is an amazingly beautiful city of flowers, gardens and castles. Cozy houses with roses growing on windows and roofs. Walking along the street is the same as falling into a fairy tale. So, let’s try to understand what places in this city must be visited by every tourist.

First of all, museums: Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, Slottsfjellsmuseet, The Bell Museum, Vestfold Kunstnersenter and Tonsberg Maritime Historic Centre. if you want to enjoy the nature of Norway with its beautiful parks, then you can visit Coastal Trails, Gullkronen.

The most famous monuments, and cultural sites are Brygga i Toensberg, Castle Rock Tower, Saga Oseberg, Tonsberg Medieval Festival, Tonsberg Cathedral, Slagen Church, St. Olav’s Church, Roald Amundsen Sculpture and Jarlsberg Trotting Course.

Tønsberg this is a special and unique city. You can find here a lot of reasons to fall in love with this place and admire it.

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