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Dear travelers, now we should to pay our attention to Norway and talk about it’s nice and kind towns. One of them is Sandefjord. This place is known as one of the most popular, hospitable and cozy corners of Norway. It is a small town and home for more than 45 thousand people.

Sandeford is also known as a health resort because of it’s mineral springs, so there are well-known clinics here.

By the way, Sandeford is a “whaling capital of the world”, that’s why there is a fantastic museum dedicated to whaling and it’s history here — Vestfoldmuseene IKS, Hvalfangstmuseet and unbelievable Whaling Monument located on the beautiful waterfront. There are a lot of different museums for any taste in this town. You can visit Midtasen Sculpture Park, Ovre Myra, Galleri ER.

You can also enjoy the nature of this town: bright colors, shining sun, wonderful and exciting landscapes in beautiful parks like Bakgaarden, Skjellvika. Another places of interests you should visit in Sandeford: Gokstad Mound and Sandefjord Kirke.

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